Apart from offering our content in some of the most prestigious business schools in Brazil, we also offer our own executive education courses.



Business Model Innovation

Based on the book by Alex Osterwalder, “Business Model Generation” which we were part of, in this course we share our experience in the use of the Business Model Canvas for building new business models.

The New Frontiers of Innovation

A course for those who would like to explore the evolution the concept of innovation: from Co-creation to Business Model Innovation and Management Innovation based on the books by Gary Hamel (The Future of Management) and Julian Birkinshaw (Reinventing Management).

Making Innovation Happen

If you are responsible for making your organization more innovative and have no idea where to start, we recommend this course. We present the 5 Paths to an Innovative Organization, where we address topics such as organizational culture, processes, the role of leadership, the challenge of making everyone an innovator and the different opportunities of thinking about innovation beyond just product innovation.

When Innovation Meets Strategy

Annually we conduct an event open to the public where we share the different ways that we think innovation and strategy converge together. It is a comprehensive view of the main contents and experiences that we offer in executive education.

Management Upside Down

A fantastic tour in management innovation, we present inspiring case studies, explore new principles and methods for those who have already discovered that the way we manage organizations needs to be reivented.


In Search of Meaning: Vision and Purpose in Organizations

People are more and more concerned and motivated with meaning in regards to their job. Therefore we need to build organizations that consider the search for meaning a priority. This course does not present answers, but rather it explores the right questions.

Strategy: From Planning to Execution

A real “tour” around strategy, this course dives into the strategy formulation process and its connection with the following stage of strategy execution. An overview of the classic planning tools as well as more recent ones, we explore the role of Emerging Strategies, Management frameworks and Execution.

Developing Strategic Thinking

The main objective of this course is to develop this specific competence, dealing with Strategic Thinking in a comprehensive manner and not only linked to strategic planning.

Performance Management

All good performance management frameworks are based on the PDCA cycle. In this course, we discuss some of these different frameworks (with emphasis on the Balanced Scorecard) their strengths and weaknesses, and how to make sure strategic performance is correctly monitored.

Making the Balanced Scorecard Work

After more than fifteen years helping organizations implement the BSC, we decided to put together a course to talk about everything that has gone wrong, mistakes we made or saw others make along the years. We have selected the 10 most common mistakes organizations make when implementing the Balanced Scorecard.

Challenges to Growth: Diversification, Internationalizatio and Joint Ventures

In search for growth, organizations may explore one of the three main paths presented in this event: looking outside their own industry, exploring foreign markets or sharing complementary competences with others thru joint ventures.